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Ben Philips
Vine Information
Full Name Ben Phillips
Followers 10M (Combined social media)
Type of Vine Comedy and Prank
Personal Information
Age 29
Nationality Welsh
Location Bridgend, Wales , United Kingdom

Ben Phillips (born 10th October 1992) is a Welsh internet star famous by videoing pranks on his brother Elliot Giles uploaded onto Facebook & Youtube (Vine account originally known as "Ben and Elliot").


Ben Phillips (born October 10, 1992) started making Vines with his then-girlfriend's son. The Vine account was called Ben and Elliot, following the split, Phillips rebranded his account and continued making solo Vines until his account was hacked in March 2015. He is from and is currently based in Bridgend, Wales. He currently focusses his time in pranking his brother Elliot Giles uploading these videoed pranks onto Facebook and YouTube (not really using Vine). Although it has never been officially announced, many people belive these pranks to be fake due to the way they are conducted sometimes several per-week or per fortnight and continuity errors are often spotted in these pranks. In addition Elliot has developed a catchphrase 'stop recording!', which adds to the fake debates. Phillips also has a phrase which is "sorry bro", which became the title of his 2016 Biography "Sorry Bro".


Phillips is known for harrassing Elliot and being as part of his increasingly dangerous and debateably "Fake" pranks. He has gathered 8.5 million Facebook likes due to these pranks.

Account Hacked

On March 9th, 2015, Phillips stated that his account had been hacked and all his videos were deleted.[1]