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Wwefanboi Wwefanboi 29 days ago

A reminder to myself

A reminder to myself I may come back later and make an infobox on the Josh Kwondike page. I was thinking about adding his page to the Controversial Viners section on here but decided not to, I don't think he is that controversial. Corn on Vine as well...list of controversy and praise maybe...records, ByteDance, categories on Vine, success, aftermath, legacy, criticisms, perception, users' suvcess and how they got money, shutdown, Vine's start, video types, things in those videos, might all be coming here soon.

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Weirdwiki Weirdwiki 10 July 2017

Hey Hey Hey!

Just started Wiki! So psyched! Anyway, please please please please please don't cast on my profile! I'm here to have fun, not to get caught up in all that stupid stuff Known as cussing. Anyway, add me and please I say again please do not call us on my profile but it's not because that my mum checks my profile or anything, because she doesn't, it's just that I don't like whenever people do that kind of stuff. So, yeah. So excited! TTYL

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Leorion Leorion 2 August 2015

Vine Wiki theme change

Hello everyone,

A couple days ago, I changed the Vine Wiki theme to a more Vine-like theme. I changed the colors and font but aside from that, nothing much. If anyone has any suggestions or objections to the change, feel free to note them here or on my wall. 


Leorion (talk) 17:59, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

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