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Chris Melberger
Vine Information
Full Name Chris Melberger
Followers 250.3K
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Nationality American
Location New York, New Jersey
Twitter @chrismelberger

Chris Melberger is an American Vine personality, graphic artist and web developer.


Melberger is currently engaged to fiancée Shan Dude. On a YouTube vlog video, Melberger states that he is close friends with Brandon Bowen and several other Viners.[1]


On a YouTube vlog posted by girlfriend Shan Dude, Chris states that he works as the Director of Social Media for the messaging app  Inbox Messenger.

He is also the co-owner of the popular clothing brand Neat Dude. Many Viners and YouTubers can be seen wearing Neat Dude apparel in their videos. The company gained a majority of it's popularity through social channels such as Vine, Twitter and Instagram. 

As WeaklyKris[]

Melberger frequently parodies WeeklyChris - in particular, their nervous grunt, catchphrase 'You're making me nervous!', and their 'motivational' quotes.

Melberger also parodies other infamous Viners like Brent Rivera (who he calls 'Bread Rivurna') and Christian DelGrosso.

As himself[]

Melberger is known for his 'scarecam' videos and sarcastic social commentary.

 Visit to The White House []

Chris was one of 6 viners invited to The White House by First Lady of the US (FLOTUS) to raise awareness for the Better Make Room campaign aimed at helping 14-19 year olds continue education past high school.[2] There, he made Vines with fellow viners who were invited including: KingBach , Lele PonsUs The DuoJerome Jarre and Amymarie Gaertner as well as Vines with FLOTUS herself.[3]