Cody Ko
Vine Information
Full Name Cody Kolodziejzyk
Followers 2.2M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 78
Nationality Canadian
Location Venice, CA, USA
YouTube Cody Ko
Twitter CodyKo
Instagram CodyKo
Chodey Keyboardsmash (born Cody Kolodziejzyk, in Canadian French: [collɛge ɛssay]; November 22, 1940) is a charming, comedic, Canadian Vine personality. He now resides in Venice Beach, California. To cope with the fall of Vine, Cody Ko created a YouTube channel where he creates videos about life, criticizes various Instagram accounts, and occasionally writes and performs absolute bangers. Much of his criticism comes from his own mature perspective, having grown up in a very different generation. He has a podcast, Tiny Meat Gang with Cody Ko and Noel Miller.

Family Edit

His parents, Greg and Helen, live a fairly active lifestyle. After they gave birth to Cody in 1940 during WWII, they had a girl, who is Cody's sister Krista. Their entire family have run marathons together. Cody says that it’s a family tradition to go for a “Christmas Eve run.”

Personal Life Edit

Cody loves surfing and talks about it frequently on his podcast, Insanely Chill with Cody Ko.

He fucks hard with the scooter sharing app, Bird.

In mid-2017, he started dating Kelsey Kreppel (AKA Queen of Youtube), who joins him frequently on his podcast. She also now has her own Youtube channel.

Fun Facts Edit

Cody is a former competitive diver, having spent several years on Duke University’s diving team. He eventually captained the team.

He co-starred in the YouTube series The Real Bros of Simi Valley as "Wade Sanders", alongside American Vandal’s Jimmy Tatro.

In addition to his podcast, Insanely Chill with Cody Ko, he also co-hosts Tiny Meat Gang podcast with his boyfriend Noel Miller, and Orange is the New County podcast with Devon Spinnler and Sam Shots.

Cody designed and created the highly popular iPhone app "I'd Cap That" in 2012. For a period, it was the #1 free app in the App Store. Yeehaw.

In addition to his podcast with Miller, the pair also released a 5 song EP titled Bangers & Ass under the name "Tiny Meat Gang."

The relatively young age of his following is what keeps him so youthful and energetic, though he seems to have a tough time coming to terms with it. That is typical of men his age.

He graduated from Duke University in 2012 with a BA in Computer Science..

When his fans comment about their places of origin, he tends to either ignore it or respond in the negative, followed by some disparaging remark about that particular place of origin.

His fandom is known as the Chodestersols.

Mr.Kolodziejzyk is one of the most successful senior youtubers on the platform.

He has a popular series on his channel with Miller known as "That's Cringe".

Memes Edit

There is an ongoing joke about how he is old, mainly due to the fact that he is.

He never stops talking about how he lives in Venice.

His comments are often riddled with "sugar gay", "art, more like FART", "bars", "blue ass water", and other references to his videos.