Crawford Collins
Vine Information
Full Name Crawford John Daniel Collins (si, tiene tres nombres :v le gusta que le digan Juanito)
Followers 1.3M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Nationality Mexicano :v
Location Los Angeles,


Crawford Collins (born April 15, 1997) is a Canadian vine personality. y le gusta el nepe

Biography Edit

Collins primarily resides in Calgary, Canada with his brother Christian Collins "WeeklyChris". Tambien le gusta el nepe. Crawford and Fatima Ramirez are actually dating. Ah caray yo pensé que era gay xdd.

Career Edit

Collins made his first Vine video on February 20, 2014 and accumulated more than 750,000 followers in less than 5 months. He is know for his comedy skits and collaborations with his brother.[1] Y nacio comiendo nepe

También s trabajado en el show, "Freakish" En la segunda temporada.

References Edit

2. su hobby favorito es comer muchos nepes

3. También tiene cara de nepe

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