Vine Information
Full Name Darren Black
Followers 2.6M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Nationality British
Location United Kingdom
Darren "Daz" Black is an English Viner and internet personality.

Daz also has a youtube account called Daz games. it is where he reacts, plays video games and just generally make people laugh!

Recurring Characters

Tea PartyEdit

Daz Black portrays an uppity English woman and her friend Diedre. Diedre tells her friend that she has tea, and then her spotted floppy hat rockets off of her head and sings in a high voice, "HA! Time for a TEA PARTY!!!!!"

Happy CloudEdit

Happy Cloud was made by Daz Black when he put soap over is face and his his daughter said " daddy you look like a cloud" and Daz said " yes i do i do look like a cloud" and that is how happy cloud was born. Cloud is a character created by Black by simply putting soap on his face and speaking in a shrill, uncomfortable voice.


By putting a hair claw in his mouth, Black assumes the role of Predator (from the 1987 film of the same name.) The videos that feature the Predator usually showcase him doing mundane tasks such as eating cereal or brushing his teeth.

Another recurring character is a flamboyant spider.

Daz Black biggest fan: Spaghet

Black is currently producing a short film with other British Vine personalities called "Most cooletht lithp". It reportedly takes place in the mediaeval era.


  • HAH! Time for a TEA PARTY!!!!!
  • (Insert noun) be like...
  • Coming This Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter *popular movie name*
  • Hi i am ze upset chief today we will be making poodle noodles.
  • How's it going, dazzlers* and welcome back to daz games. *insert the thing he's doing.*

Personal LifeEdit

Daz lives in England with his daughter Sarah.