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Eh Bee
Vine Information
Full Name Eh Bee
Followers 2M+
Type of Vine Comedy, Family
Personal Information
Nationality Canadian
Location Toronto, Canada

The Eh Bee Family is a Canadian family Vine account with 2 million followers.[1]


The Father (Papa Bee)

  • Born in Chile, works in market research and started making videos with son and daughter.

The Mother (Mama Bee)

  • Born in Uruguay.

The Son (Mr. Monkey)

The Daughter (Ms. Monkey)

For personal privacy reasons, the Eh Bee family keep their last name a secret.

Recurring Characters

Mr. Yang

  • A Korean co-worker of Papa Bee, often asked how to say trendy phrases (e.g. What are those, About a week ago, etc.) into Korean.


  • An Indian friend of Papa Bee, presumed to work at the same company as Mr. Yang.


The Eh Bee family has done various sponsored advertisements with some paying over $10,000 per Vine.[1] On their personal website, the Eh Bee states that they have worked with hundreds of brands.[2]

The Eh Bee family were one of the 13 chosen Viners representing Vine at VidCon 2015 hosting their own personal channel.