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Huw Samuel
Vine Information
Full Name Huw Samuel
Followers 525K
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Nationality British
Location London, United Kingdom

Huw Samuel (born July 7, 1990) is a film director, actor, Vine personality.


Samuel was born in Frimley, England and has a degree in Media production which he studied at the University of Bedfordshire. While studying at the University of Bedfordshire, Samuel was able to obtain a director reel and an actor reel while acting in one of his classmates' film. He caught his first big break as an actor when he was cast as a trainee recruit in the multi-million pound film Decline of an Empire.[1] Samuel used to work a night shift in a supermarket before he was recruited. He has various hobbies including creating short films and photography


Samuel is known for The Fight for Princess Marcela's Booty (2014), Once Upon a Time in Nazi Germany (2014) and I'm Mugging You Off (2011).[2]

In Vine[]

Huw has collaborated with MTV, Lionsgate films, The BBC, Kopparberg UK, Hot or Not, Badoo, LOVOO, SAPAfrica, The Happn app, Dominoes pizza, CheckOneTwo (Channel 4) and various record labels. Huw is currently the most hired Viner for brand advertising in the UK.Huw is well known for delivering new, fresh, creative content with new characters on a regular basis. Some of his regular vine gags include:

How to fight:[]

Huw uses a mixture of film skills including stop motion to create fight scenes.

Nerd who is confused about his sexuality enjoys his walk home from school:[]


Huw has collaborated with several other British Viners including Daz Black, Joe Charman, Harry Longmuir, Dapper Laughs, Alexander D Holland, Brad White, Anto Sharp, Leslie Wai, Dominiqee Eriona, Ben Phillips, Stuggy, Jake Webber, Cody Johns and many more.