James White
Vine Information
Full Name Cheng Xi
Followers 441.8K
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Nationality Chinese
Location Chongqing City, China

Cheng Xi, better known as James Cage White Boy, is a Chinese Vine personality.


Cheng (born October 15, 1984) is known for his Vine posts, frequently discussing his meals (often rice with vegetables), counting down to the weekend, his parents, and the mundane aspects of his life. He is also infamous for his catchphrases (see below), which have been parodied by many other Vine personalities. Cheng has stated that he wants to marry a 'white woman'.

Personal Life Edit

Cheng currently works as a hotel receptionist and graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a Bachelor in English. Cheng lists several skills on his Linkedin profile including: Web Design, English, Copywriting, Social Media, Editing and Monetization.[1]


  • Check out my dinner! (goes on to describe his meals)
  • Very good!
  • Very cool!
  • Very swag!
  • Very handsome! (often relevant to the context of his Vine)
  • I like it!
  • How to say dis! (referring to an unknown word/object)

References Edit

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