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Vine Information
Full Name Jerome Jarre
Followers 8.3M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Nationality French
Location New York

Jerome Jarre is a French Vine sensation.


Most of Jarre's Vine videos usually consist of him acting awkward (which he pronounces oh-kwaard) around strangers in New York City, until one instance where he was actually recognized, being referred to as "The Vine Guy".

 Visit to The White House []

Jerome was one of 6 viners invited to The White House by First Lady of the US (FLOTUS) to raise awareness for the Better Make Room campaign aimed at helping 14-19 year olds continue education past high school.[1] There, they made Vines with fellow viners who were invited including KingBach , Lele PonsChris MelbergerUs The Duo and Amymarie Gaertner as well as Vines with FLOTUS herself.[2]


"I love life like crazy"

"Why is everybody afraid of love?"