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Vine Information
Full Name Andrew B. Bachelor
Followers 11.7M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 30
Nationality American
Location Los Angeles
Twitter KingBach

Andrew B. Bachelor (born June 26, 1988), known better by his screen name KingBach is a Canadian-born American up-and-coming actor, director, producer, writer, internet personality, and comedian who has a fairly large following of over 11.7 million followers on Vine.


Bach was a graduate of Florida State University and also attended New York Academy before dropping out and moving to Los Angeles. Bach is the most followed person on Vine with over 11.7 million followers which earned him a recurring role on House of Lies and a main role on the sixth season of Wild 'N Out.

Visit to The White House Edit

Andrew was one of 6 viners invited to The White House by First Lady of the US (FLOTUS) to raise awareness for the Better Make Room campaign aimed at helping 14-19 year olds continue education past high school.[1] There, he made Vines with fellow viners who were invited including Us The DuoLele PonsChris MelbergerJerome Jarre and Amymarie Gaertner as well as Vines with FLOTUS herself.[2]

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "But that backflip though!"
  • "Ay yo ma, lemme get your number!"
  • "What's poppin"
  • "You got that gas money?"
  • "Sup cuz"
  • "Ni***a"
  • "Ni**a you framed me???!"