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Lauren Francesca
Vine Information
Full Name Lauren Francesca
Followers 75,000+
Type of Vine Comedy, Beauty
Personal Information
Age 28
Nationality American, Italian
Location Los Angeles, California

Lauren Francesca is an American Actress, Comedian, YouTuber and social media personality.


Lauren Francesca is originally from Queens, New York but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for her YouTube Channel 'iwantmylauren' and her various roles (mostly Lady Gaga) with popular YouTube channel Barely Productions.


Lauren is currently best known for running her own YouTube Channel called 'iwantmylauren' featuring comedy, Vlogs, beauty advice and much more. Her channel has gained over 200,000 subscribers and 27 Million views worldwide, mostly from the USA, UK and Europe.

Before her channel, Lauren became famous through one of the largest YouTube channels in the United States, Barely Productions (Formerly Barely Political). Lauren portrayed Lady Gaga in most of their parodies, and also acted as other celebrities including Iggy Azalea.

Lauren has also created her own YouTube character and series known as 'Space Girl', that has been shown on both her channel and Barely Productions. It follows the day to day adventures of a human girl who has ventured into space, conquering evil aliens and creatures. Two YouTube 360 videos of Space Girl have been published and have since became viral across the web.

Lauren Francesca as Space Girl

Besides YouTube, Lauren is also an actress. She has recently acted as 'Mia' in horror film Muck and 'Jules' in comedy '#Lucky Number'.

More recently, Lauren has modeled for various non-nude shoots with Playboy inc. She has shared her shoots via Playboy to her vine account, including posing with classic cars, and most notably, as her own character Space Girl.

YouTube Channel[]

Lauren's channel is called 'iwantmylauren', and has been active as of Feb 12, 2011. Francesca considers her fans and subscribers as her 'Superteam', and often refers to the phrase over Facebook and YouTube. As of November 2015, her channel gained over 200,000 subscribers. Some of the notable people involved with her channel include:

  • Jason Horton - YouTuber, Actor and Social Media Personality.
  • Ali Spagnola - YouTuber, Actress and Singer
  • The Aye Twinz - Aka Marcus and Mikey - Comedians and Vine Personalities
  • Taryn Southern - YouTuber and Vine Personality
  • Tom Arnold - Hollywood Actor who starred in Lauren's 2015 Halloween Paranormal Activity Parody.
  • George - Lauren's own schnoodle dog who makes regular appearances throughout her videos.