MAGCON is a notorious group of Viners. They refer to themselves as the MAGCON 'family'.

First MAGCONEdit

Controversy and criticismEdit

First MAGCONEdit

MAGCON members have been invariably accused, with evidence, of stealing Vine ideas, often within hours of the original post.

MAGCON member Nash Grier has also drawn criticism for his frequent insensitive, homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, and racist remarks.

In June 2017 Jack Gilinsky was caught on audio calling then girlfriend, Madison Beer, "a fucking slut." In which this case he was drunk. Madison Beer was also caught leaking the evidence on her own Twitter to seek attention.

Member RIBCAGE was arrested in 2014 for unknown charges. He spent a night in jail.

Now for the people who don’t know Lilly. She was rumored to be dating Hayes Grier and still is. The odd thing is they don’t follow each other, but have several pictures of them together. Lilly’s photography account is 90srunaway there she sometimes rants about Hayes. Do you think they’re trying to keep their relationship a secret?