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Marcus Johns
Vine Information
Full Name Marcus David Johns
Followers 6.1M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 29
Nationality American
Location Miami, Florida, USA

Actor and social media star who broke into the top 5 most followed people on Vine with his more than 6 million followers. He acted alongside Cameron Dallas in the 2014 film Expelled and he was cast as the character Adam on the TV series Cold.


He was influenced by his brother Cody to first start posting videos to Vine. Within the first 10 days of using the app, he had accumulated 1,000 followers. He is from West Palm Beach, Florida. He has a sister named Shelby. One of his most famous Vines was titled "My dad is such a loser." In 2017, he married Kristin Lauria, and together they run the Marcus&Kristin YouTube channel. They are currently awaiting the arrival of their first child together.


Originally from Miami, Florida, he was in fact, an actor before a Vine star. At the age of eleven, he appeared in the horror film, The Punisher (2004), which also served as his motion picture debut. Before Vine was even created, Johns had appeared in the films A Promise (2005), Canvas (2006), and Rock of Ages (2012).