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Ruth B
Vine Information
Full Name Ruth B
Followers 2.1 M+
Type of Vine Singing and Music
Personal Information
Nationality Canadian
Location Canada
YouTube RuthBVEVO
Twitter @itsruthb
Instagram @itsruthb
Facebook RuthBMusic

Ruth B is a Canadian singer, musician and Vine personality.


Ruth B noted in one of her Vines that she is of Ethiopian descent. She was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. In a YouTube vlog she posted, Ruth says she is 5'8' tall and has an unnamed brother. Her favorite color is Teal, her favorite number is 7 and her favorite characteristic is acceptance. [1]


Ruth B is known for her singing vines that are among the most popular on Vine. She constantly covers popular songs and creates original songs. On January 18, 2015, Ruth released her first full song "Lost Boy" which was inspired from a 6 second video she did of it previously on her Vine account. As of April 2015, the video has achieved over 1,000,000 views and 96,000 likes.[2] On February 12, 2015, she released the song on ITunes to excellent reviews.[3] She had teased another original song of hers on Vine called "Superficial Love". She has released four parts of the song. The fourth one was picked by the Editor of Vine as a "Editer's Pick". Ruth released a short, original song called "Peters Note". [4]