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Vine Information
Full Name Scotty Sire
Followers 2.1M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 30
Nationality American
Location Newport Beach, California

Scotty Sire is an American comedian, YouTuber and former Viner.

== Biography == Scotty Sire was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. His mother is Lebanese and his father is Irish. Sire moved to Los Angeles for 6 months where he lived with fellow Viner Gary Rojas but then returned back to Newport Beach due to his dislike of LA. In a YouTube video he posted, Scotty states that he is an avid anime fan. Scotty also states that he was self-conscious and extremely shy as a child.

ScottySire's first job was in construction with his father, his second job was as a bartender.


Sire is known for his Vines and honest approach to dating and other aspects of daily life. He often films collaborations with other Vines and notably Gary Rojas, and posts various comedy skits and he crossed the 1.5 million follower mark on Vine in December of 2014.[1]


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