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Sylvio during an interview with Eric Artell on the "Behind the Vine" show.

Simply Sylvio is a character created and portrayed by filmmaker and surreal artist Albert Birney (born 1982).


Sylvio is a gorilla, therefore he doesn't speak. He usually wears a colored sport coat, drainpipe pants, and square sunglasses of varying colors. It is shown that Sylvio has a long-time rivalry against a race of sentient cheese curls who have tried to kill him on many occasions.

He also likes to eat termites (according to friend and collaborator Marlo Meekins).


Sylvio's videos on Vine are not of the norm. They are typically very unnerving and leaves viewers with a sense of confusion. He sometimes collaborates with other surreal Viners such as Nicholas Megalis, Marlo Meekins, and Nick Gallo.