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Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders.jpg
Vine Information
Full Name Thomas F. Sanders
Followers 7.1M
Type of Vine Comedy, Singing
Personal Information
Age 32
Nationality American, Irish
Location Gainesville, Florida, USA

Thomas Sanders (born April 24, 1989) is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, singer and Vine personality.


Thomas Sanders is from Gainesville, Florida and is currently based there. On his Tumblr blog, Sanders replies to various question including the origin of his social media name "foster_dawg" which is based off the name of his first dog, Foster. He states that he watches anime such as Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, Naruto etc, plays video games like Kingdom Hearts and Portal. is gay


Thomas Sanders is widely known on Vine for various trends and for his clean, innocent vines. Sanders is often credited for not including any controversial topics and for making his Vine's family-friendly. On Vine, Sanders creates weekly series such as:

  • PokemonPranks with friends - A series in which he simulates various Pokemon moves on his friends as pranks.
  • ShoutOutSunday - A series in which he chooses the name of a supporter and sings about them.
  • MusicalsInRealLife - A series in which he recreates popular musicals in real life.
  • DisneyPranks - Series like the Pokemon pranks series but with Disney characters / songs / themes.
  • StewieGriffin- Speaks like Stewie From Family guy and has a friend named Brian

Sanders is a theatrical actor. He has performed in several plays at his high school, Buchholz High School, as well as at a nearby school, Gainesville High School, and his local community theatre, the Gainesville Community Playhouse. He has stated that it is his dream to become a theatrical actor, ideally on Broadway. Sanders has been on The View, on which he created several Vines with staff members.