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A Vine personality (shortened to Viner typically) is a term used to refer to users of the mobile app Vine, who have a large following, typically in the thousands or millions.

Viners by country[]

Because of cultural differences, the Vines of American Viners are considerably different to the posts of British or Oriental Viners.

East Asia[]

Some countries with a presence on Vine in the region include Malaysia and Singapore. Typically, such Viners base their material on established American fodder because of American hegemony.

United Kingdom[]

Although the United Kingdom have produced their own Vine personalities, Viners across the Atlantic have also captured the hearts of teenagers in the United Kingdom. Famous Viners who have followers from across the pond include Daz Black, Arron Crascall and Toby Randall.

The humour of British Viners is distinctly different to American Viners - British Vines tend to be dark, satirical and ironic, in true British fashion.

United States of America[]

The country where Vine was born and took off, and the country that produce the most popular Viners.

The comic sense of American Viners is distinctly different to their British counterparts due to cultural differences. American comic vines include frequent use of memes, 'relatable' situations, frequent yelling, candid camera situations, public pranking, and (very mildly done) racial stereotyping, amongst others. These comic features are more discernible in Vines made for a largely teenage female fanbase.