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Vine Information
Full Name Christian Josiah Kirk Collins Smith (el nombre de este compa es más largo que todo mi futuro :')
Followers 3.3M
Type of Vine Comedy, Vlog
Personal Information
Nationality Canadiense
Location Quesería, Mexico

Christian Collins, better known by his username 'WeeklyChris', is a Canadian actor, musician and Vine personality. He is currently in an online relationship with Chloë Mangray (an upcoming YouTuber)


Collins was born on April 18, 1996 in Canada. He is a singer, rapper and beatboxer and has stated that his mission is to spread a positive message with his reach.[1] On a YouTube vlog he posted Collins stated that at one point, he had more days of detention than there were days left of school.[2] He also mentions that his dream is to travel the world.


Collins is well known for his comedy skits, inspirational messages and sometimes singing. He often collaborates with his brother, Crawford Collins.


Collins was 'outed' by Vine personality Chris Melberger for copying a Cyanide and Happiness comic strip nearly verbatim. He quietly removed the offending Vine later without an apology.